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How to be best dressed in 2017

Posted on in Fashion Lifestyle by Ladyee Boutique

If you want to be wearing the best outfits in 2017, you need to make sure that you follow some key fashion trends. These trends are designed to make you look great, no matter your body type, with colours and prints that look good on everyone. Check out these ideas if you want to be the best dressed in 2017!

Lessons in Business and Entrepreneurship- 2016

Posted on in Lifestyle by Ladyee Boutique
As an entrepreneur, I have been asked more than a few times in the last year or two to publicly share a few lessons I have learned on my entrepreneurial journey. Though I consider myself to be a baby in the business world and I am still learning everyday, I believe that there's so much value to be gleaned from each other's stories. I am usually more comfortable sharing my knowledge one on one as opposed to on social media but since I will likely never have the time to actually sit down and chat with each of you, I thought I'd use this forum to share a few  business lessons I have learned this past year. 

Stylist Spotlight: Veronica Odeka

Posted on in Fashion by Ladyee Boutique

The business of fashion and beauty are not as glamorous and effortless as they seem and building a business within either of these industries requires a great deal of focus, tenacity and hard work. Our Ladyee Faves spotlight features Veronica Odeka, a celebrity stylist and beauty entrepreneur behind the nail polish brand Vane and the Vane Nail Bar (luxury manicure and pedicure spa.) We are drawn to Veronica's down to earth and positive vibe coupled with her all around awesome girl boss demeanor. Thank you for being such an awesome inspiration Veronica.

Benefits of natural body scrubs

Posted on in Beauty by Ladyee Boutique

What is a body scrub?

A body scrub is a skin care product with the primary function of exfoliating and deep cleansing the skin. The components of a body scrub make it abrasive enough to be effectively exfoliate the skin without damaging the skin.

Blogger Spotlight: Diane Conquest

Posted on in Fashion by Ladyee Boutique

Our Ladyee faves series continues and we have style influencer and all around beautiful Diane here today, we love her feminine and elegant style. This beauty infuses high street and the high end impeccably and so seamlessly.  We first fell in love with her spin on a pretty Self Portait dress and the rest is fashion history. We love getting to know her and we have a feeling you will too. Check out her blog here and we wish you a fantastic week ahead.

Top five Mascaras- 2016

Posted on in Beauty by Ladyee Boutique

Fashion lovers are beauty lovers and in this sea of makeup options, vlogs and tutorials it can get a little confusing picking out the very best products. So to kick off our new and improved beauty section, here are our top five favorite tried and tested mascaras.

Blogger Spotlight: Titilola Sogunro

Posted on in Fashion by Ladyee Boutique

We hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far, we are continuing our Ladyee faves series  with none other than the gorgeous, girl next door Titi of the blog Titi'sPassion, we absolutely love TIti, her versatile and super chic style is all her own, we love how she infuses color into her looks, her versatile hair styles, bold lippies and simply everything about her style. If you've every been on our Instagram page, you've seen her, now it's time to get to know a little more about her ad do check out her blog here.

Blogger Spotlight: Monica Awe- Etuk

Posted on in Fashion by Ladyee Boutique

Fashion bloggers are all the rage and the beautiful Monica of www.awedbymoni is one of our absolute faves. We love her effortless and chic style that's all her own. You can expect Monica to always up the ante and set her own pace. No one better to kick off our new favourite blogger series. Enjoy!

Chic cotton summer dresses

Posted on in Fashion by Ladyee Boutique

Gorgeous summer dresses to keep you pretty and cool all summer long.

Timeless Lace

Posted on in Fashion by Ladyee Boutique

The lace LBD is a timeless fashion staple every woman should own and with so many varieties and lace options, there is a type of lace to suit every fashionista. Lace never goes out of style, from classic eyelet to the more fashion forward laser cut options.

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